The Story of Success

It takes a lot to make ones mark. Same is true about us. It took three generations to prove our existence.


It was in mid 50s that we started as a cottage industry when  a young Orphan named Muhammad Shafiq started manufacturing metal parts after the completing his training as a die fitter.


In the late 70’s he founded a company SHAFIQUE SONS and started the production of Screwdrivers under the brand name of Golden Eagle.


Responding to the call of his conscience In 1979 Muhammad Shafique started a Charity organization along with business activities to provide health facility to the needy and poor.


Later In the 1980’s, three members of the Second Generation of Muhammad Shafique Janjua – Naveed Ahmad, Nadeem Shafique, and FarazShafique – joined the business and established a new company by the name of FASNNA IMPEX. They introduced some new products in the line and started export to various countries. This is how FASNNA GROUP (Shafique Sons and Fasnna Impex) started to produce Screwdrivers, Pliers, Hacksaw Blades and Super Glue.


In 2000, The second generation kept the tradition of social welfare and contributed their share by founding HIMMAT Trust for Education, Relief and Rehabilitation to serve the victims of Natural Disasters like Earth Quake and Flood.


Carrying a legacy has always been a great and difficult task as it demands greater labour on the part of new generation since they have to bridge the past and future. In 2017, Keeping in mind all that , the Young Blood of the second generation – Naveed Ahmad, Nadeem Shafique and Faraz Shafique – entered into the family business with the idea of Digitalization and Corporate Expansion.

The Third Generation strongly believes in the ideals of The First Two Generations and is determined to keep the traditions moving forward with New Ideas and Strategies to achieve the Goals.


In 2019, Third generation launched the Pakistan’s first hand tools dedicated online shopping platform under the supervision of second generation.